Monday, 30 November 2015

On Life: The pain's only temporary

When we face difficult times, maybe the loss of a loved one, a natural disaster, a horrifying saga or the loss of love, etc. the tendency is to think that the pain's gonna last forever.
Yesterday, a Doc friend explained to me the struggles a baby goes through at birth. How contractions make them uncomfortable inside such that they just want to get out. How their skulls contract and expand at birth. How they look for their first breath after birth and cry as a sign of joy when they find it. She said to me, 'babies look so tender and frail but they are very strong'.
Going back, that's you some decades ago. You made it out and have continued to make it through life. You've outlasted the challenges, that's why you're reading this. If they outlasted you, you'd be 6ft beneath by now.
Don't say 'but Benny you don't know how big this new challenge is'. My friend it's not so different from the others for a man's oppositions always are commensurate to his ability. That's what my bible says.
So cheer up and let a smile through for the pain you feel right now is only TEMPORARY.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


The Story

I use a Nokia phone and they are known for their battery power, so I usually don’t have to swap SIMS or batteries or anything like that. There’s something else of note about my phone. The SIM slot only allows what they call a broken SIM card (it’s actually tinier). It happens then, that my battery disappoints me, or I just didn’t charge it when I should have and the phone goes off. I’ve got some important calls to make, and more important ones to receive so I have to think fast. I have another phone whose battery is charged but a little different from this one. Its SIM slot requires a full SIM card not the broken one. It looks like a challenge at first. How do I make it fit in and respond like it should? Well ‘I’ll just try’, I thought. I fixed it and it responds. I say to me, ‘that was a lot easier than I expected’.
Then the situation repeats itself a few days later and I know what to do, or so I think. I’ll just take the broken SIM and slide it into the other phone with the full SIM slot and Life’s Good. I fix it ‘like I did the last time’ but there’s no response. I take it out and fix it again, trying to adjust it a little, yet, no response. I take it out a third time and this time I’m more involved, more careful, more intentional. This third time, I am more determined, more focused, more patient. I wasn’t thinking ‘it ought to work’. I was thinking ‘what am I not doing right?’ and ‘how can I make it work?’ and this third time, it responds and for my life’s drama, I learned yet a few simple lessons.

The Lessons

1. You learn from failure, the same way you learn from success

2. As important as it is to forget about the failures of the past, you also need to forget about the successes of the past if having more success is your goal

3. When you succeed you learn that it is possible. When you fail, you learn that there are rules.

4. You’ve heard them say that ‘that you failed at something doesn’t make you a failure’. It is also true that ‘that you succeed at something doesn’t make you a success’. Success or failure goes beyond events and occurrences. They are a reflection of the character of a man’s spirit.

5. If you will look closely at the tiny little things of life, you will learn a great deal about the big deals of life.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015


I have made a covenant with my eyes; why then should I look upon a young woman? (Job 31:1)
Being faithful to your spouse is a choice that starts with a decision. It doesn’t happen suddenly. You don’t get there by praying or fasting (although these may help). You don’t even arrive at marital integrity by confessing and repenting. Unfaithfulness in marriage begins with the idea that it is an OPTION. An option people consider when their spouse 'isn’t available', close by, ‘no longer attractive enough’, too busy, always tired, or any of those pathetic excuses people use in self-defense. When you are unfaithful to your spouse, it has the same effect of allowing a tiny hole on your clothes without stitching it up. It opens the door to more difficult issues in your marriage that affect your finances, kids, spirituality, the future of your family and much more.
Job was the wealthiest man that lived in his day, yet he would not be so intoxicated with his wealth to think of adultery as his pass-time like men do today. The man was actually afraid of the thought, no wonder he had the kind of life he had. If you only knew what adultery has caused families; how it has destroyed estates, ruined innocent children’s lives and shattered hearts in untold dimensions, you will look away from that temptation and make a DECISION.
Here’s how you can do that… submit yourself to the Lordship of God’s word, resist the devil and he will flee from you.
While you work at it remember, Nothing and no one has power over you that you did not give to them.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

On Life: To the Single Ladies and sundry- The V doesn’t mean as much

As I studied God’s response to Job this morning, a number of things got my attention about nature.
As ladies, we are wont to desire men who have the V, tall, dark, handsome, etc. It all falls in the list right?
Well here’s God’s poem describing the Buffalo’s strength;
“Will the wild buffalo condescend to serve you, volunteer to spend the night in your barn?
Can you imagine hitching your plow to a buffalo and getting him to till your fields?
He’s hugely strong, yes, but could you trust him, would you dare turn the job over to him?
You wouldn’t for a minute depend on him, would you, to do what you said when you said it? (Job 39:9-12 Msg)
Consider the Buffalo and learn wisdom. He’s hugely strong, yet cannot be trusted. Dear lady, it’s time to shred that 'list' and ask God for His perfect will to be done in your life. It's the safest place.

Monday, 20 July 2015

On Life: Dealing with difficulty; a Lesson from Job

After his servants came to him with all the terrible news of the evil that had befallen him, the bible says 'Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and fell on the ground and worshiped'.(Job 1:20)
Job worshiped God for loosing everything? An anomaly of some kind to the human mind, but the wisdom of God in truth. When we face dire impossible situations, our first response usually is to whine and murmur and complain to those around. Talking about it helps for sure, but you need to be sure the person you're talking to can help.
There's a better recipe; I recommend Job's path. You may not feel like it but that's when you've really begun to walk by faith. It is at that point worship becomes truly a sacrifice and an act of faith towards God with whom all things are possible.
Don't talk to people about the challenge. Talk to God in worship for He knows and already created the way out for you ever before you got there.
So you too can lift your hands in worship in the midst of the pain.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

On Choices: Marriage will not Complete you

It's easy to hear singles talk about searching for the one who completes them. This aphorism has led many to miss the point entirely and brought them into some of the rudest shockers of their lives.
If what you mean when you say this, is that marriage will complete you, make you perfect, you're in for surprises because you see, marriage is your first test at sharing that life (you thought was incomplete) with someone else. So even the incomplete person you thought you were will now be shared with your spouse.
So here's what happens; She came in expecting to be completed and he came in expecting to be completed and both of them were waiting for the other. The idea of being cheated comes from the feeling that one is giving more than they are getting. That's the beginning of sorrows for many marriages.
Marriage does not complete people. Single or married, you cannot know completeness until you know the One who is completeness Himself and embrace what He's done to make you COMPLETE. He says 'you are complete in Me' (Colosians 2:10) and this has nothing to do with marital status. Christ is the One who makes us complete, not marriage.
To be continued...

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

On Life: Christian Character; Patience is required

James 1:4 ‘But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing’.
Waiting is one message a lot of Christians don’t like to hear. We prefer a message of faith that says God’s gonna do it now. Truth is, God’s not ‘gonna’ do it. He’s already done it. (2 Corinthians 1:20). But there’s a place of waiting ON and IN God.
What kind of person do you become when ‘it’ doesn’t happen at the time you expect? What are your reactions, contemplations and considerations when it looks like God’s not coming through for you like you want Him to?
Patience is a virtue we need when we find ourselves waiting ‘endlessly’.
Patience is an ability. The ability to suppress restlessness when confronted with delay. It’s from the Greek 'Hupomone' which is ‘the characteristic of a person to remain unswerved from his/her loyalty to faith and piety by even the greatest trials and sufferings.
Here’s what you do next time you feel like giving in: Eyeball the devil and say to him “Whatever you try it won’t work devil cos I don’t mind waiting”. ‪#‎JuanitaBynum‬
Here’s the trophy you emerge with after patience has carried out its complete surgery on you. You will be mature and complete and you won’t need anything (God’sWord Translation)

Monday, 22 June 2015

On Pain: Counting Losses

2Chronicles 25:9
And Amaziah said to the man of God, “But what shall we do about the hundred talents that I have given to the army of Israel?” The man of God answered, “The Lord is able to give you much more than this.”
The verse is an excerpt from a bible story. Amaziah, king of Judah had paid 10,000 talents of silver to the king of Israel to lend him 100,000 soldiers so they can join him for war against his enemies. God then sends a prophet to tell him to send the soldiers he paid for away and not to depend on numbers but on Him. Amaziah agrees to do what God says but worries about what he had already 'put in' to get them.
The prophet's answer, 'God is able to give you much more' is what gets my attention today.
There are times when it's just time to count our losses and Move On. Face the painful realities, tell ourselves the hard truths, then Move On.
You have to tell yourself;
This relationship is not headed anywhere,
My family is not where I dreamed for them to be,
I may end up broke if I go on like this,
My marriage is headed for the rocks if I continue to ignore these things,
I'm not doing my best to make my dreams a reality...
Only when we do this, can we begin to make the right adjustments that take us to where we ought to be.
Amaziah must have looked stupid but he won the war eventually because he did as God said.
I find in my life's journey that sometimes, counting our losses might just be as important as counting our blessings.

On Life: The Open Door

Sometimes, the 'Open Door' is the closed door: It teaches us how to deal with disappointments. ‪#‎blessingindisguise‬
Other times,the 'Open Door' is the door that leads outside (not inside): it teaches us to deal with regrets ‪#‎allthingsworktogether‬
Yet at other times, the 'Open Door' is just the most unlikely door: it teaches us to trust. ‪#‎andobey‬
Whichever it is, may the Still Small Voice grant you peace.

Monday, 8 June 2015

On Love; Success in Marriage is Planned for

Success in life is not accidental. Neither is success in marriage; it is planned for.
Your marriage will not be a success simply because you exchanged vows before the Lord, as important as that is. It's very akin to salvation. After you received Christ by confessing His Lordship over your life, He went ahead to tell you certain things you must do to work out your salvation. In the same way, you must be intentional about doing the things that will strengthen your marriage, else it will fail in just a matter of time.
Fight to stay intentional rather than get casual about your marriage.
Intentionally pay compliments, give, spend time together. Get intentional about giving and receiving love, about submission. Intentionally stay in shape (especially if your spouse minds) and dress well. Get intentional about being tender, understanding and caring. Get intentional about praying and carrying out spiritual exercises together.
This is the reason many start out well but have a hard time keeping the spark in their marriage.
True we don't have high divorce rates in Africa but many a couple have become flat mates because they weren't intentional about keeping the romance in their relationship. These things don't just happen.
Start by keeping an open-mouthed relationship. Talk about the things your spouse is doing that you want them to stop, the things you want them to start and even those you want them to continue.
That's how lasting friendships are built.
If you've not been intentional about some of these things, you can begin from now on. It's part of working out your marriage with godly reverence while you put the devil where he belongs, under your feet.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

ON LIFE. From selfishness to self-love and now, God-love!

The flip side to selfishness is tagged in a more politically correct term, self-love. So they say, selfishness is a vice but self-love is a virtue. Self-love should make you do things for yourself, protect yourself, love yourself and when you have to make a choice ensure it's informed by self-love. Someone said God's not against self-love but selfishness and I agreed, until recently.
Let's look at a few examples from the scriptures
Abraham was asked to leave his family (Genesis 12:1)
Isaac was asked to stay in the land of famine (Genesis 26:2)
Ruth was inspired to stay with Naomi (Ruth 1:16)
Esther dared to go before the king at the risk of death (Esther 4:16)
Job was asked to curse God (Job 2:9)
Peter, James, John and the other disciples had to abandon their careers (Mark 1:18)
Jesus our Lord, was given no other option besides a criminal's crucifixion. (Hebrews 5:8)
These all acted in defiance to the principles of self-love that is preached everywhere today.
Self-love is the foundation of these last-days misnomer of homosexuality and same-sex marriage that we see in our world.
It has made humans embark on transgender surgeries
It makes people cheat on their spouses without restraint, and has destroyed countless marriages and even great relationships
It's the basis for the most destructive addictions people suffer from today.
Self-love is not of God, how could it be, when we were not made for ourselves?
If God made us, then it must be that He made us to Know Him, Love Him and Serve Him (Matthew 22:37-38)
That self-love is destructive and of the devil becomes easy to understand when we look into how Satan emerged. His self-love corrupted him into wanting to become like the Most High.
If you knew the millions of lives connected to you, you would know that to make decisions on the grounds of self-love is sheer mediocrity.
When next you catch yourself wanting to do things inspired by self-love, ask instead, what is the light of God's word concerning this matter?
For man was not made to pursue his happiness but to please the One who made him. That's where true and lasting happiness comes from.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

ON LIFE: Refuse the devil's lies in your marriage

There's a line of thought that's putting many Christians in terrible bondage in their marriage and that's the discuss today. 
Listening to God's voice in your choice of a marriage partner is no doubt of utmost importance but the point today is, that you're facing challenges in your marriage is no pointer to any 'fact' that you're married to the wrong person.
That you're having a tough time in your marriage does not mean you made a mistake in the first place, or walked outside God's perfect will for you.
As Christians, when we face challenges, our first response is usually to turn the light on ourselves, to search out what we did or where we went wrong. You need to know that there's a devil somewhere whose KRA is to give you a life of misery and that's who you must be on the offensive against. Not your spouse.
The bible shows us that we will face trials, not because we have done something wrong, but because there is an adversary who's bent on giving you a hard life. Think about it! Once you're married, you're married. Even if you have 'proof' that Mr/Mrs Right wasn't the 'perfect will' after all, you can trust God to make all things beautiful in spite of the challenges.
So in the midst of the trouble in your marriage, don't turn the light on yourself (I made a mistake) or on your spouse (he/she is the mistake). That's Satan's ploy to give you misery on a platter. Turn the light on the devil and put him where he belongs; under your feet, while you work out your marriage with godly reverence.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

On Life. The Good Called Pain

Imagine you could
Step on a nail and not feel anything
Be pierced through with a knife and just keep going
Place your hand on a lit stove and just leave it there
Find your spouse cheating on your matrimonial bed, close the door and just go into the kitchen to make dinner
Take a moment to paint these pictures and you would have a glimpse of what life would look like without our innate ability to feel pain.
Our world would have been a chaotic mass
Everyone would be maimed one way or another
There would be no families or any family structure at all
There would be no sickness, only death
There would be death without mourning
There would be a world without lessons to learn
There really would be nothing to live for cause there would be no difference between success and failure
Pain is really a gift
It seems like it's one of our 'pass' to planet earth
It's what makes us know there's life in and around us
It's what makes us dream for the future
Pain helps us love, care, share and pray.
Pain makes us compassionate, patient, empathetic and passionate
Pain makes us wiser, stronger, better and bolder
Pain shows us our limits, boundaries, possibilities and thresholds
Pain let's us into our strengths, and our Hercules
With pain comes great gain
If there was nothing good about pain
Then should our tears taste as bitter as vinegar
But our tears taste as salt to show that pain, like salt, does preserve.
It just makes more sense #romans8:28
So the next time you feel the pain
Endure or enjoy it while it lasts
'Cos nothing lasts forever. Not even pain
No matter how long it takes, #hoteventuallyturnscold

Monday, 25 May 2015

ON CHOICES. Does it really take 2?

Amos 3:3 says 
'Can two work together except they be agreed?'
This scripture rhetoric leaves us with a NO answer.
However, in marriage, the consideration of whether you both can work together or not is a consideration that has come too late. The only answer to that question would be to go separate ways (when you always disagree), but there’s no such provision in Christianity. 

What you should be considering now is how you can agree in order to work together and that brings us the question ‘does it really take two?’ 
It’s beautiful when we agree on everything. Where there are no dispersions, disparities or disagreements at all on any subject whatsoever. But this is near impossible for the singular fact that you two are independent personalities. So then, how can we agree in order to work together as the scriptures have said? This answers the question. It really doesn’t take two!
Here's reality. There’s only one person that you know 100% and that person is you. It doesn’t matter that you are now married; you will never get to know your spouse completely. The scriptures clearly state that the only one who knows a man (or woman) is the spirit of that man (1 Corinthians 2:11). You are going to have to take the responsibility of playing your part to make your marriage work because that’s what God expects of you (Eph 5:22-31). The scripture says, 
‘If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone’. (Rom 12:18)
God knows that you can single-handedly make your marriage a success independent of your spouse. 
Without the guide that we have from God’s word, this would be practically impossible, but praise God, we were not left without a guide. He gave us His word so that we can live by it. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

On Choices. Ahab and Jezebel

1Ki 21:25 But there was none like unto Ahab, which did sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up.
Looking through the scriptures, I find that Ahab was fundamentally a good man. Yes, like his predecessors, Jeroboam especially, he did some things that really hurt the Lord, but he was definitely not the the 'worse of the bunch'. 
His major pitfall would turn out to be the wife he married, Princess Jezebel.
Jezebel introduced the worship of Baal to Israel,
Jezebel killed the prophets of God,
Jezebel threatened the prophet of an entire nation and caused ELIJAH to run for his life,
Jezebel killed an innocent man to get his vineyard and add it to the king's fleet of vineyards,
Jezebel caused the first ever 3.5 years drought in Israel (When she caused the people to sin, Elijah asked God to stop the rain so they would know He was angry with them). 
Ahab's reign turned out to be a plague to the people because of the woman he married.
In making wise choices, men are mostly left off the hook and it seems more of a 'girl's problem', but the truth is that the simple fact that you have a peculiar destiny on earth should point you to the significance of having the Spirit's guidance in making the life-time choice of whom to marry, male or female.
Cos I find in my life's dealings, destinies, made or marred by this singular, all-important decision.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

On Dreams.Only evil people do evil things!!!

An old proverb says ‘only evil people do evil things’ and so I won’t harm you. (1 Samuel 24:13 CEV)
The verse above is an excerpt from the account in the bible of David’s encounter with Saul in a cave. David had the opportunity to kill Saul who had been looking everywhere for him in order to have him killed. Contrary to the expectations of his soldiers, David will not as much as lay a hand on the king but cut a piece off his robe as proof to Saul, that though he (David) got the opportunity to kill him, he had resisted the temptation.
Imagine how tempting it may have been for David to kill Saul. After all David knew that one day he would wear the crown and that Saul had lost both his spiritual and mental abilities to lead God’s people. But David refused to kill the king because he was more concerned with doing God’s word. 
Even when we know the goal we want to achieve is pleasing to God, the way we achieve it is just as important as the goal itself before God.
Hear what David said to Saul; ‘only evil people do evil things’. It does not matter how good the reasons you have for acting the wrong way. Your priority has to always be to do what God has said. 
In life we will be tempted to act, react or even respond the wrong way. But it’s just a temptation we have to overcome having settled in our hearts that God’s word has final authority.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

On life; The Travelling Temptation

Now there came a traveler to the rich man, and he was unwilling to take one of his own flock or herd to prepare for the guest who had come to him, but he took the poor man's lamb and prepared it for the man who had come to him.” (2 Samuel 12:4)
David kills Uriah to cover his sin and marries Bathsheba and so God sends Prophet Nathan to him with this parable.
The verse above is an excerpt from Nathan's parable, an analogy of what David had done and an allegory of what we call TEMPTATION.
What David felt that night for Bathsheba is in Nathan's story, the traveler who visited the rich man.
The fact that he was a traveler means that he had not come to stay. David (the rich man) takes the only lamb belonging to the poor man and serves as dinner to his traveling guest.
If we would remind ourselves that this temptation is on a journey that has come to pass and only a temporary pain or craving, then we could do what David could have done: take his eyes away and 'let that night pass'.
Even though David repented immediately and was forgiven by God, his life would never be the same again for this singular act.
I learn, in my Life's Drama, that upon 'morning', the 'traveler' always departs.

Friday, 17 April 2015

On Choices; Trust and Obey

For my life's drama!!!
Just studying and really wondering. What kind of person was Ruth?
What inspired her to leave her tribe, religion, culture and people to follow her mother-in-law after the person that connected them both had died and there was obviously nothing to gain?
This really is not about Ruth's widowhood.
I'm wondering how a person gets to make such a decision that seems humanly stupid and sticks it through because they won't have it any other way.
Ruth ends up in Our Lord's ancestory for this singular act.
What can I more say? Ruth had something a little different from faith.
It's what Abraham had when God asked him to leave his family and 'go to a land that I will show you' and when he moved up to the mount to slaughter Isaac his son because God said to.
It's what Isaac had when God asked him to stay in a land of famine
It's what Esther had when she said 'if I perish I perish'.
It's what we must have if we will triumph in the midst of the chaos called 'life'.
It's called TRUST. It's an unqualified commitment to Jehovah with reckless abandonment on His promises.
For there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

On Choices; Responsibility

Ever found yourself wishing you were not so responsible?
I mean responsible for your actions, your responses, your choices, your reactions, your options...your this and your that?
Remember those days when you were free to say mummy made me do this, or daddy told me do that, or pastor told me don't do that?
You could hold them responsible when things didn't go exactly right.
But here you are now, totally RESPONSIBLE
You know what has happened?
You've grown up.
Told yah. Don't grow up
*whispers* it's a trap.
But there's a good side to it. With responsibility comes freedom and with freedom comes choice and choice means you can have the best.
So Cheers *smiles*

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

On life; True Growth

You're only that little boy or girl that's just grown bigger.
You can become wiser too.
Or else, you would only have added age and size."

Sunday, 22 March 2015

On choices. Look back, look down or look forward, look up

Looking back with regrets and wondering how we could have been so foolish or sinful and all of that will never change things. Worse still, wondering if God will ever help you or if He is still with you is foolish. How could God's unfailing love, proven over thousands of years, start failing with you?
To think that is to do what David did in Psalm 71:7-9. But right after, he turned, realizing that "these questions I am asking show what is wrong with me, not what is wrong with God".
Like Paul we must take responsibility to forget those things that are behind and focus on things that lie ahead. I said 'take responsibility' because it doesn't come easy. It will take an effort. One that's definitely worth it. However not carrying on this discipline is to stay grounded in the rot, unable to see the sun and miserable the rest of our days because we have despised ourselves.
You too can come out. Rather than think back about the wrongs, think back and remember how God helped you, and intervened for you and your loved ones. In fact, the very fact that you now feel bad about those past mistakes is proof that God's word is working in your life. Let that work become perfect by forgetting about the hurt and focusing on your beautiful future in God.
It's OK, really OK to look back but what matters is what we look back to.
So when next Satan brings those nasty pasts to you, don't feel like ure loosing. Stay in the past but just tilt ur view slightly to how God brought you out with a mighty hand.
Like the psalmist, we too need to realize that to trust in God and yet feel hopeless is a contradiction of the heights.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

On Choices. TRUST!

Trust does not always come easy. 
Always it starts with a decision and will take a conscious effort. 
Trusting God is very much the same. 
You will have to learn to stop yourself in the middle of certain thoughts, worries and figure-out-sessions and say...I choose to TRUST. 
God knew it would not come easy so in Hebrews 12:2, the bible says 'looking unto Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith'
The phrase 'looking unto' is from a Greek verb Aphorao
It connotes to look away 'from' and 'stare at' what He's trying to get your attention on. 
Refuse to worry! Rather trust in God consciously to carry you through whatever the challenge is. Stop trying to figure out every action, word, gesture...just TRUST God to help you go through whatever challenge you face. 
Remember the song? You can start by singing

"Trust and obey
for there's no other way
To be happy in Jesus

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

On Life. You too can make it through

Here's a sobering thought: Less than one tenth of one
percent of all animal species that ever existed are still around
today! The rest didn't adapt fast enough to a changing environment.
When it comes to business, the odds are not much
better. The average survival rate for new companies is estimated
to be only about 20 percent by the fifth year of operation.
Being flexible is critical to survival. The more quickly we
adapt to our ever-changing environment, the more we improve
our odds of success.
If your strategy is not working, ask, ''What am I doing,
or not doing, right?''
When Plan A isn't working, you have to switch to Plan
B. If Plan B comes unstuck, develop Plan C. You won't solve
a problem by continuing with the strategy that created it.
Review your goals regularly to ensure you are on track.
Strategies can be amended and so can goals. There is little
point in clinging to targets that are unrealistic. Most successful people had at least one false start
before they found the right gear.

...Mary Christensen

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Benny's heart: On Life: When God takes Option 2

Benny's heart: On Life: When God takes Option 2: God really didn't deliver them from the fire. The Hebrew guys gave God two options boasting before King Neb. They said  Option 1 . He...

On Life: When God takes Option 2

God really didn't deliver them from the fire.
The Hebrew guys gave God two options boasting before King Neb.
They said 
Option 1. He will deliver us from the fire. i.e the fire will go off before we enter.
Option 2. He will not deliver us. i.e the fire will not go off so we will roast. But even at that, we will not bow to that image.
God took option 2. He didn't put out the fire. 
I can imagine those last few steps before the fire. Those guys must have had reason to doubt, to be uncertain and to be afraid. But it was too late now to change their minds. They had their God.
There are times when God will take option 2. The fire won't just go out, and so you may doubt then fear. But remember, God's too big not to be able to put out ANY kind of fire.
So when He let's you into the fire, there's a process with two stages.
He sends in the fourth man to be with you at stage 1.
Then He brings you out as fine gold at stage 2.
Any which way, you will be better, stronger, wiser and bolder.
So when next you feel the heat, just remember God's taken option 2.

Monday, 2 March 2015

On Life. Peace without Season

It's been years since I started wondering why Jesus would say
"In me ye MIGHT have peace, in the world you SHALL have tribulation" John 16:33
I thought it must have been the translator's error.
Sure Jesus must have meant to say
"In me ye SHALL have peace"
Only recently it finally became clear to me.
Jesus was right as always, and this time, no translator errors.
He said we MIGHT have peace in Him because of His promise a few chapters before
"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you, 
Not as the world gives it give I unto you" John 14:27
Here's where the line between giving and receiving is drawn.
He has given us His peace that surpasses human reasoning, but only those that receive, enjoy it.
That's the reason He said MIGHT 'cos that He gave doesn't mean you will receive
You will have to accept the peace He has given you and walk in the light of it.
You see, because, Jesus didn't mince words when He talked about the tribulation in the world. 
He said you SHALL have tribulation and that's not for unbelievers. 
Tribulation comes to everyone but in these last days, only those who know His peace will remain unperturbed in the midst of crisis.
I say to you then, in the midst of the trouble and chaos in this world, remember Jesus has given you peace.
You are in His great Sabbath, so be of good cheer cos He overcame the world for you.
Even now, say
Lord I see in your word that You have given me Your peace.
I believe Your word and receive Your peace into my spirit
I refuse to worry, fret, fear or be anxious about anything
'Cos Your word says not to.
I'm at peace with myself, with God and all men. Amen.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


At some point in our lives
We must ask the question
Who am I?
The big thing about this is not the question itself
But the fact that, unlike other questions,
There are just so many, ready answers
The problem of identity crisis arises for this reason
Without asking, your parents, your experiences,
Your failures and successes, your up days and down days
Your friends and haters
Your affairs and relationships
Your this and that
Create an identity that's either true or false
I find however, there is only one that tells
The reality of my identity
Irrespective of where I've been
And is unafraid that I might get high-handed
It's the Word of His Grace that tells me WHO I AM

Monday, 16 February 2015

On Life (The Ten Virgins)

Though they all had the same status (virgins) and the same goal (to meet the bride groom)
5 were foolish and 5 were wise.
The scriptures tell us the 5 wise ones had spare oil while the 5 foolish ones had oil only in their lamps.
The truth is, the oil in their lamps ought to have been sufficient for the 'wait' but the bridegroom didn't come when they were expecting him.
The story is that the 5 foolish ones decided to go get some oil since their lamp had gone out but before they returned, the bridegroom had shut the doors and they couldn't enter in.
This story is a parable but also an allegory.
It is what happens when we begin to feel the weight and pressure of waiting for something over a long period.
The lamp represents light and oil represents the Holy Spirit.
A lot of things you desire may not come at the exact time you expect them.
The Holy Spirit is He who strengthens you in the 'wait'.
The Light of God's word shows you what steps to take while 'waiting'.
The bridegroom is never too late. He will come when He will come.
It's better to be equipped enough to wait till 'He comes'
'Cos only those who wait upon the Lord really renew their strength.
If we loose sight of the word concerning the matter (our light goes out) and we miss the Spirit (no spare oil), we are sure to miss our way into God's best for us.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

On Choices (Judas)

It's easy to condemn Judas for how he betrayed Jesus, But hey!
Pause and think about it!
Judas is like the average human being who seeks to find out 'what's in it for me?'
Judas is like the man or woman who takes ungodly counsel without really weighing consequences
Judas is like the everyday person who takes risks with hope for a rewarding reward.
I was thinking about him recently and reading the scriptures, I find that as soon as he sees that Jesus was condemned, he was sorry for what he had done.
He goes to the chief priests and elders to return the money.
This is the point at which, like most of us, Judas realized his risk wasn't worth it.
His response shows us that, having experienced all the miracles Jesus had performed, he expected the Christ to probably disappear, or call fire and brimstone on all His accusers, walk away free and he (Judas) would walk away 30 pieces of silver richer.
But that wasn't going to happen. They had condemned Jesus, his Rabii and he reasoned, 'now there's no going back. What is this that I have done?'
So he tries to return the money but they wouldn't accept it. He throws it on the floor and makes for the gallows. He commits suicide.
We find ourselves in this position every now and then. We betray and are betrayed.
Whatever it is, there's a little to learn from Judas.
At least Judas had sense enough to show remorse for what he did.
But unlike Judas, when you make a mistake, don't beat yourself down to zero.
Jesus died once and for all and will restore you again to Himself if you will trust Him and have faith in His love.

Monday, 9 February 2015

ON CHOICES:Looking at the Wrong Things

I'm hardly the funniest person you'll come across.
My sister, Ejiro Beulah Orseer is a writer who's more on the humorous side of life.
This has a way of showing up on my blogs and posts. I'm always so serious, even I wonder why so serious?
But something really made me laugh recently,
I was on a bus and a certain lady was on the phone, speaking of a guy she had just met and was getting serious with.
In describing him she said
'He's a good guy, really nice guy, but he's too stingy'.
I could not help but laugh out.
How can he be a good guy, really great and still be so condemmed.
The point is, people are'nt perfect right, but when you really like someone, you don't emphasise their weakness before others.
So when I hear someone talk like that, they have one of two problems;
1. They are looking at the wrong things
2. They are looking at the wrong person
HahahHaha. It's that simple.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


It's Tuesday night and as my custom is, I'll put up a post before the day's over, but tonight, no stir.
So I look inside and see what I find!
Living your life focusing on everything else but YOU, may sound like the selfless thing to do.
But it's only a matter of time before you find you have nothing more to give.
It's one sure way to 'leave' without 'living'.
FOCUS oñ YOU. Your life deserves some prime time.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

On choices

Don't marry someone you 'can live with'.
Marry someone you 'can't live without'.
Pst Bimbo Odukoya.
Blessed are you if you know the difference.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

On Prayer

It is better, in prayer, to have a heart without words than words without a heart!!!

Monday, 26 January 2015

The heat is required

I've always heard that God would never let more than you can handle come to you. It just made more sense to me today.
Here's the drama!
I'm back from work having fasted all day and so I quickly get set to make my dinner, EBA.
I'm done and settled, having dinner and I notice something.
I saw a bean seed, then my fingers felt a maize seed.
What could they be doing here? I thought.
Here's the detail!
The heat of the water was enough to make my EBA
Definitely no where close to getting the maize or bean seed cooked.
If I wanted those cooked, I'll definitely require more heat.
The amount of heat you go through in life is what determines how useful you become in life.
The maize and bean seed were completely useless to me because they were not in the right heat. They probably felt grateful that there wasn't too much heat to go through, but they would never fulfil purpose without being in the right heat.
Comparing yourself with others is simply unwise.
The heat you are facing right now is your only chance at becoming useful, so enjoy it?
Cos ' eventually turns cold'

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Your dreams

In your pursuit of your dreams understand
"There are going to be rough days
There are going to be days when you have given your all and still come up short
There are going to be days that you want to forget
But in reality those are the days that make you stronger, that make you realize that anything is possible with effort and a positive attitude
I learned at a very young age that your mind can control your body in positive and negative ways.
Your thoughts are so powerful that they can pull you out of a rut or keep you buried deep within"- Jereme
Culled from 'Slight Edge'

Monday, 12 January 2015

On Sin

When God tells you not to do something, it's not because of Him. It's because of you. He knows what sin will do to you. He knows it will paralyse your faith and make it ineffective. He knows that sin will bring in fear and uncertainty. So He tells you to keep sin away for your sake. Not because He has a problem with you sinning. He only has a problem with the impact of sin on your faith walk, for without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The condition of your spirit is of utmost importance

Too many in the world today are focused on the look of their outward appearance and trust me that's not a bad thing. It only becomes a problem when little or no attention is paid to what really matters.
Focus more on the state of your spirit rather than on your body. The only reason you cannot and must not sin with your body is because it injures your spirit. Every time that happens, you deform your spirit which is the real you. It's the same thing about speaking negatively about your body or abilities, saying 'I can't'. It deforms the character of your spirit.
You are not a body but a spirit. You've heard that before, but more importantly, understand that your spirit will live forever.