Thursday, 2 July 2015

On Choices: Marriage will not Complete you

It's easy to hear singles talk about searching for the one who completes them. This aphorism has led many to miss the point entirely and brought them into some of the rudest shockers of their lives.
If what you mean when you say this, is that marriage will complete you, make you perfect, you're in for surprises because you see, marriage is your first test at sharing that life (you thought was incomplete) with someone else. So even the incomplete person you thought you were will now be shared with your spouse.
So here's what happens; She came in expecting to be completed and he came in expecting to be completed and both of them were waiting for the other. The idea of being cheated comes from the feeling that one is giving more than they are getting. That's the beginning of sorrows for many marriages.
Marriage does not complete people. Single or married, you cannot know completeness until you know the One who is completeness Himself and embrace what He's done to make you COMPLETE. He says 'you are complete in Me' (Colosians 2:10) and this has nothing to do with marital status. Christ is the One who makes us complete, not marriage.
To be continued...

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