Friday, 17 April 2015

On Choices; Trust and Obey

For my life's drama!!!
Just studying and really wondering. What kind of person was Ruth?
What inspired her to leave her tribe, religion, culture and people to follow her mother-in-law after the person that connected them both had died and there was obviously nothing to gain?
This really is not about Ruth's widowhood.
I'm wondering how a person gets to make such a decision that seems humanly stupid and sticks it through because they won't have it any other way.
Ruth ends up in Our Lord's ancestory for this singular act.
What can I more say? Ruth had something a little different from faith.
It's what Abraham had when God asked him to leave his family and 'go to a land that I will show you' and when he moved up to the mount to slaughter Isaac his son because God said to.
It's what Isaac had when God asked him to stay in a land of famine
It's what Esther had when she said 'if I perish I perish'.
It's what we must have if we will triumph in the midst of the chaos called 'life'.
It's called TRUST. It's an unqualified commitment to Jehovah with reckless abandonment on His promises.
For there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

On Choices; Responsibility

Ever found yourself wishing you were not so responsible?
I mean responsible for your actions, your responses, your choices, your reactions, your options...your this and your that?
Remember those days when you were free to say mummy made me do this, or daddy told me do that, or pastor told me don't do that?
You could hold them responsible when things didn't go exactly right.
But here you are now, totally RESPONSIBLE
You know what has happened?
You've grown up.
Told yah. Don't grow up
*whispers* it's a trap.
But there's a good side to it. With responsibility comes freedom and with freedom comes choice and choice means you can have the best.
So Cheers *smiles*

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

On life; True Growth

You're only that little boy or girl that's just grown bigger.
You can become wiser too.
Or else, you would only have added age and size."