Monday, 30 November 2015

On Life: The pain's only temporary

When we face difficult times, maybe the loss of a loved one, a natural disaster, a horrifying saga or the loss of love, etc. the tendency is to think that the pain's gonna last forever.
Yesterday, a Doc friend explained to me the struggles a baby goes through at birth. How contractions make them uncomfortable inside such that they just want to get out. How their skulls contract and expand at birth. How they look for their first breath after birth and cry as a sign of joy when they find it. She said to me, 'babies look so tender and frail but they are very strong'.
Going back, that's you some decades ago. You made it out and have continued to make it through life. You've outlasted the challenges, that's why you're reading this. If they outlasted you, you'd be 6ft beneath by now.
Don't say 'but Benny you don't know how big this new challenge is'. My friend it's not so different from the others for a man's oppositions always are commensurate to his ability. That's what my bible says.
So cheer up and let a smile through for the pain you feel right now is only TEMPORARY.