Tuesday, 2 June 2015

ON LIFE: Refuse the devil's lies in your marriage

There's a line of thought that's putting many Christians in terrible bondage in their marriage and that's the discuss today. 
Listening to God's voice in your choice of a marriage partner is no doubt of utmost importance but the point today is, that you're facing challenges in your marriage is no pointer to any 'fact' that you're married to the wrong person.
That you're having a tough time in your marriage does not mean you made a mistake in the first place, or walked outside God's perfect will for you.
As Christians, when we face challenges, our first response is usually to turn the light on ourselves, to search out what we did or where we went wrong. You need to know that there's a devil somewhere whose KRA is to give you a life of misery and that's who you must be on the offensive against. Not your spouse.
The bible shows us that we will face trials, not because we have done something wrong, but because there is an adversary who's bent on giving you a hard life. Think about it! Once you're married, you're married. Even if you have 'proof' that Mr/Mrs Right wasn't the 'perfect will' after all, you can trust God to make all things beautiful in spite of the challenges.
So in the midst of the trouble in your marriage, don't turn the light on yourself (I made a mistake) or on your spouse (he/she is the mistake). That's Satan's ploy to give you misery on a platter. Turn the light on the devil and put him where he belongs; under your feet, while you work out your marriage with godly reverence.

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