Wednesday, 27 May 2015

On Life. The Good Called Pain

Imagine you could
Step on a nail and not feel anything
Be pierced through with a knife and just keep going
Place your hand on a lit stove and just leave it there
Find your spouse cheating on your matrimonial bed, close the door and just go into the kitchen to make dinner
Take a moment to paint these pictures and you would have a glimpse of what life would look like without our innate ability to feel pain.
Our world would have been a chaotic mass
Everyone would be maimed one way or another
There would be no families or any family structure at all
There would be no sickness, only death
There would be death without mourning
There would be a world without lessons to learn
There really would be nothing to live for cause there would be no difference between success and failure
Pain is really a gift
It seems like it's one of our 'pass' to planet earth
It's what makes us know there's life in and around us
It's what makes us dream for the future
Pain helps us love, care, share and pray.
Pain makes us compassionate, patient, empathetic and passionate
Pain makes us wiser, stronger, better and bolder
Pain shows us our limits, boundaries, possibilities and thresholds
Pain let's us into our strengths, and our Hercules
With pain comes great gain
If there was nothing good about pain
Then should our tears taste as bitter as vinegar
But our tears taste as salt to show that pain, like salt, does preserve.
It just makes more sense #romans8:28
So the next time you feel the pain
Endure or enjoy it while it lasts
'Cos nothing lasts forever. Not even pain
No matter how long it takes, #hoteventuallyturnscold

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  1. thank you for this inspiring words...thank you