Thursday, 7 May 2015

On Dreams.Only evil people do evil things!!!

An old proverb says ‘only evil people do evil things’ and so I won’t harm you. (1 Samuel 24:13 CEV)
The verse above is an excerpt from the account in the bible of David’s encounter with Saul in a cave. David had the opportunity to kill Saul who had been looking everywhere for him in order to have him killed. Contrary to the expectations of his soldiers, David will not as much as lay a hand on the king but cut a piece off his robe as proof to Saul, that though he (David) got the opportunity to kill him, he had resisted the temptation.
Imagine how tempting it may have been for David to kill Saul. After all David knew that one day he would wear the crown and that Saul had lost both his spiritual and mental abilities to lead God’s people. But David refused to kill the king because he was more concerned with doing God’s word. 
Even when we know the goal we want to achieve is pleasing to God, the way we achieve it is just as important as the goal itself before God.
Hear what David said to Saul; ‘only evil people do evil things’. It does not matter how good the reasons you have for acting the wrong way. Your priority has to always be to do what God has said. 
In life we will be tempted to act, react or even respond the wrong way. But it’s just a temptation we have to overcome having settled in our hearts that God’s word has final authority.

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