Monday, 8 June 2015

On Love; Success in Marriage is Planned for

Success in life is not accidental. Neither is success in marriage; it is planned for.
Your marriage will not be a success simply because you exchanged vows before the Lord, as important as that is. It's very akin to salvation. After you received Christ by confessing His Lordship over your life, He went ahead to tell you certain things you must do to work out your salvation. In the same way, you must be intentional about doing the things that will strengthen your marriage, else it will fail in just a matter of time.
Fight to stay intentional rather than get casual about your marriage.
Intentionally pay compliments, give, spend time together. Get intentional about giving and receiving love, about submission. Intentionally stay in shape (especially if your spouse minds) and dress well. Get intentional about being tender, understanding and caring. Get intentional about praying and carrying out spiritual exercises together.
This is the reason many start out well but have a hard time keeping the spark in their marriage.
True we don't have high divorce rates in Africa but many a couple have become flat mates because they weren't intentional about keeping the romance in their relationship. These things don't just happen.
Start by keeping an open-mouthed relationship. Talk about the things your spouse is doing that you want them to stop, the things you want them to start and even those you want them to continue.
That's how lasting friendships are built.
If you've not been intentional about some of these things, you can begin from now on. It's part of working out your marriage with godly reverence while you put the devil where he belongs, under your feet.

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