Tuesday, 29 September 2015


The Story

I use a Nokia phone and they are known for their battery power, so I usually don’t have to swap SIMS or batteries or anything like that. There’s something else of note about my phone. The SIM slot only allows what they call a broken SIM card (it’s actually tinier). It happens then, that my battery disappoints me, or I just didn’t charge it when I should have and the phone goes off. I’ve got some important calls to make, and more important ones to receive so I have to think fast. I have another phone whose battery is charged but a little different from this one. Its SIM slot requires a full SIM card not the broken one. It looks like a challenge at first. How do I make it fit in and respond like it should? Well ‘I’ll just try’, I thought. I fixed it and it responds. I say to me, ‘that was a lot easier than I expected’.
Then the situation repeats itself a few days later and I know what to do, or so I think. I’ll just take the broken SIM and slide it into the other phone with the full SIM slot and Life’s Good. I fix it ‘like I did the last time’ but there’s no response. I take it out and fix it again, trying to adjust it a little, yet, no response. I take it out a third time and this time I’m more involved, more careful, more intentional. This third time, I am more determined, more focused, more patient. I wasn’t thinking ‘it ought to work’. I was thinking ‘what am I not doing right?’ and ‘how can I make it work?’ and this third time, it responds and for my life’s drama, I learned yet a few simple lessons.

The Lessons

1. You learn from failure, the same way you learn from success

2. As important as it is to forget about the failures of the past, you also need to forget about the successes of the past if having more success is your goal

3. When you succeed you learn that it is possible. When you fail, you learn that there are rules.

4. You’ve heard them say that ‘that you failed at something doesn’t make you a failure’. It is also true that ‘that you succeed at something doesn’t make you a success’. Success or failure goes beyond events and occurrences. They are a reflection of the character of a man’s spirit.

5. If you will look closely at the tiny little things of life, you will learn a great deal about the big deals of life.


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