Monday, 9 February 2015

ON CHOICES:Looking at the Wrong Things

I'm hardly the funniest person you'll come across.
My sister, Ejiro Beulah Orseer is a writer who's more on the humorous side of life.
This has a way of showing up on my blogs and posts. I'm always so serious, even I wonder why so serious?
But something really made me laugh recently,
I was on a bus and a certain lady was on the phone, speaking of a guy she had just met and was getting serious with.
In describing him she said
'He's a good guy, really nice guy, but he's too stingy'.
I could not help but laugh out.
How can he be a good guy, really great and still be so condemmed.
The point is, people are'nt perfect right, but when you really like someone, you don't emphasise their weakness before others.
So when I hear someone talk like that, they have one of two problems;
1. They are looking at the wrong things
2. They are looking at the wrong person
HahahHaha. It's that simple.

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