Monday, 16 February 2015

On Life (The Ten Virgins)

Though they all had the same status (virgins) and the same goal (to meet the bride groom)
5 were foolish and 5 were wise.
The scriptures tell us the 5 wise ones had spare oil while the 5 foolish ones had oil only in their lamps.
The truth is, the oil in their lamps ought to have been sufficient for the 'wait' but the bridegroom didn't come when they were expecting him.
The story is that the 5 foolish ones decided to go get some oil since their lamp had gone out but before they returned, the bridegroom had shut the doors and they couldn't enter in.
This story is a parable but also an allegory.
It is what happens when we begin to feel the weight and pressure of waiting for something over a long period.
The lamp represents light and oil represents the Holy Spirit.
A lot of things you desire may not come at the exact time you expect them.
The Holy Spirit is He who strengthens you in the 'wait'.
The Light of God's word shows you what steps to take while 'waiting'.
The bridegroom is never too late. He will come when He will come.
It's better to be equipped enough to wait till 'He comes'
'Cos only those who wait upon the Lord really renew their strength.
If we loose sight of the word concerning the matter (our light goes out) and we miss the Spirit (no spare oil), we are sure to miss our way into God's best for us.

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