Monday, 2 March 2015

On Life. Peace without Season

It's been years since I started wondering why Jesus would say
"In me ye MIGHT have peace, in the world you SHALL have tribulation" John 16:33
I thought it must have been the translator's error.
Sure Jesus must have meant to say
"In me ye SHALL have peace"
Only recently it finally became clear to me.
Jesus was right as always, and this time, no translator errors.
He said we MIGHT have peace in Him because of His promise a few chapters before
"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you, 
Not as the world gives it give I unto you" John 14:27
Here's where the line between giving and receiving is drawn.
He has given us His peace that surpasses human reasoning, but only those that receive, enjoy it.
That's the reason He said MIGHT 'cos that He gave doesn't mean you will receive
You will have to accept the peace He has given you and walk in the light of it.
You see, because, Jesus didn't mince words when He talked about the tribulation in the world. 
He said you SHALL have tribulation and that's not for unbelievers. 
Tribulation comes to everyone but in these last days, only those who know His peace will remain unperturbed in the midst of crisis.
I say to you then, in the midst of the trouble and chaos in this world, remember Jesus has given you peace.
You are in His great Sabbath, so be of good cheer cos He overcame the world for you.
Even now, say
Lord I see in your word that You have given me Your peace.
I believe Your word and receive Your peace into my spirit
I refuse to worry, fret, fear or be anxious about anything
'Cos Your word says not to.
I'm at peace with myself, with God and all men. Amen.

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