Sunday, 22 March 2015

On choices. Look back, look down or look forward, look up

Looking back with regrets and wondering how we could have been so foolish or sinful and all of that will never change things. Worse still, wondering if God will ever help you or if He is still with you is foolish. How could God's unfailing love, proven over thousands of years, start failing with you?
To think that is to do what David did in Psalm 71:7-9. But right after, he turned, realizing that "these questions I am asking show what is wrong with me, not what is wrong with God".
Like Paul we must take responsibility to forget those things that are behind and focus on things that lie ahead. I said 'take responsibility' because it doesn't come easy. It will take an effort. One that's definitely worth it. However not carrying on this discipline is to stay grounded in the rot, unable to see the sun and miserable the rest of our days because we have despised ourselves.
You too can come out. Rather than think back about the wrongs, think back and remember how God helped you, and intervened for you and your loved ones. In fact, the very fact that you now feel bad about those past mistakes is proof that God's word is working in your life. Let that work become perfect by forgetting about the hurt and focusing on your beautiful future in God.
It's OK, really OK to look back but what matters is what we look back to.
So when next Satan brings those nasty pasts to you, don't feel like ure loosing. Stay in the past but just tilt ur view slightly to how God brought you out with a mighty hand.
Like the psalmist, we too need to realize that to trust in God and yet feel hopeless is a contradiction of the heights.

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