Wednesday, 11 March 2015

On Life. You too can make it through

Here's a sobering thought: Less than one tenth of one
percent of all animal species that ever existed are still around
today! The rest didn't adapt fast enough to a changing environment.
When it comes to business, the odds are not much
better. The average survival rate for new companies is estimated
to be only about 20 percent by the fifth year of operation.
Being flexible is critical to survival. The more quickly we
adapt to our ever-changing environment, the more we improve
our odds of success.
If your strategy is not working, ask, ''What am I doing,
or not doing, right?''
When Plan A isn't working, you have to switch to Plan
B. If Plan B comes unstuck, develop Plan C. You won't solve
a problem by continuing with the strategy that created it.
Review your goals regularly to ensure you are on track.
Strategies can be amended and so can goals. There is little
point in clinging to targets that are unrealistic. Most successful people had at least one false start
before they found the right gear.

...Mary Christensen

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