Monday, 26 January 2015

The heat is required

I've always heard that God would never let more than you can handle come to you. It just made more sense to me today.
Here's the drama!
I'm back from work having fasted all day and so I quickly get set to make my dinner, EBA.
I'm done and settled, having dinner and I notice something.
I saw a bean seed, then my fingers felt a maize seed.
What could they be doing here? I thought.
Here's the detail!
The heat of the water was enough to make my EBA
Definitely no where close to getting the maize or bean seed cooked.
If I wanted those cooked, I'll definitely require more heat.
The amount of heat you go through in life is what determines how useful you become in life.
The maize and bean seed were completely useless to me because they were not in the right heat. They probably felt grateful that there wasn't too much heat to go through, but they would never fulfil purpose without being in the right heat.
Comparing yourself with others is simply unwise.
The heat you are facing right now is your only chance at becoming useful, so enjoy it?
Cos ' eventually turns cold'

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