Wednesday, 2 July 2014

On Life; We choose HOW

God chooses WHAT, we choose HOW
The challenges of life that we face, are never designed to take us under.
In life, I find that there's always something to deal with, and if there's none, we create the problem.
What turns out to be our results eventually though, will always be a direct consequence of HOW we go through these road blocks and seeming limitations.
We may not have control over the things that come against us but we must consciously determine HOW we handle the challenges.
Cos I find, in my life's journey, to take the challenge personal and feel like it was intentionally directed at your 'personality' is to be oblivious of the terms of contract you've got with Mother Earth.
Next time you could start by saying
'Someone in the world is going through the same thing and winning and that person has to be ME'.

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